About Us

Our Story Starts With A Craving

Have you ever watched a recipe video and started drooling about the possibilities? We've been there; there is nothing worse than realizing you don't have half the spices needed to make a dish. 

We realized this is probably an occurrence that many people go through
and we wanted to find a way to deliver the "rarer" Asian spices to
people around the USA. We're not just trying to sell any average spice that you can find in a grocery store.

As home chefs, we know how much effort you put into making the perfect dish and we want to respect that. As such, Everything Spice promises:

  • The highest quality spices available: When we can get the organic product, we will get it. All of our products are 100% natural with the minimal amount of processing required.
  • Quick Shipping: It's 2021 --- we are going to get you your order as soon as we can. We may experience some delays due to COVID-19 but promise to do our best with communication. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  Due to the ongoing pandemic, we cannot accept returns if our safety seal has been broken. That said, if our spices don't get job done, we will send a new batch.

About The Team

We are two Asian American (Korean and Indian) college friends who share an affinity for cooking. We both started our careers away from family and quickly realized how much we missed eating the foods we grew up with. We launched our business during the pandemic to bring the joy of Asian cooking to people just like us. 

We Are So Excited To Start This Spice Journey With You

Have fun making amazing dishes! If you like our product feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@EverythingSpice.Co). Stay tuned for a referral program, deals and more.